Uganda – Gorillas

Gorilla tracking was without a doubt, THE highlight of our 54-day overland trip. We had a very successful and lucky experience and I don’t think there was any way we could have been happier with it (well, no one wanted to leave after our 1-hour allotment with the family was up, but rules are rules…). […]

Uganda – Part 1

Day 40 (July 31) marked the end of the second portion of our tour in Nairobi. Unfortunately both our guide and driver were ill with what they self-diagnosed to be malaria, so the tour ended quite abruptly as soon as we reached Nairobi without much fanfare or celebration. Day 41 (Aug 1) was also spent […]

Tanzania – Ngorongoro Crater

At about 1pm on Day 38 (July 29), we started heading out of the Serengeti through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the rim of the Crater when one of our tyres blew out. Fortunately this happened outside the Serengeti (so no lions about) and before dark fell. While the campsite at the rim was quite […]

Tanzania – Serengeti

We made our way to the Serengeti on the morning of Day 37 (July 28). Rather than taking the overland truck which doesn’t have 4-wheel drive, we were divided into groups of 5-6 people for smaller game-viewing vehicles with pop-up roofs. Much of the land between Arusha and the Serengeti are occupied by the Maasai, […]

Tanzania – Zanzibar

When I was imagining what Zanzibar would be like, I’d conjured up images of the only other historically prominent maritime city I’d been to before – Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik it certainly was not, but once I got over that and was willing to accept its own brand of charm, I ended up enjoying the island more […]

Tanzania – Mainland

What we will always remember about Tanzania are 1. long, long drives 2. bumpy roads and 3. a million speed bumps. On July 20 (Day 29) for instance, we woke up at 3.30am in order to depart Chitimbi Beach at 5am. We arrived at our campsite in Iringa, Tanzania at 6pm. The following day (July […]


We spent 4 days in Malawi from July 16 through 19 (corresponding to Days 25 through 28), all on the shores of Lake Malawi. Lyndsey had warned us that conditions would get a lot more rustic after leaving Zambia and this was summed up perfectly by the first public toilet in Malawi that we encountered, […]


On July 10 (Day 19 of the tour), we crossed the border from Botswana into Livingstone, Zambia, which required going across the Zambezi River on a pretty dodgy-looking ferry. Our first stop in Livingstone was obviously Victoria Falls, also known by the indigenous name Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates to “the smoke that thunders”. Having been to […]


Day 14 (July 5) saw us cross the border from Namibia into Botswana. Our first stop was in Ghanzi, where we went on a bushwalk led by some Bushmen. They showed us various edible melons, fruit and seeds and described how they were used for medicinal purposes, how they stored water and made soap from […]

Namibia – Part 2

Our second week on our overland tour continued our exploration of Namibia. Days 7 & 8 were spent in Swakopmund, which has been described as one of the adventure capitals of Africa. We opted to go on a Living Desert tour, on our first day in Swakop, during which we spotted 4 of the “Little […]